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Baby and Kids Mokopuna Merino

Baby and Kids Mokopuna Merino

Merino For Your Little Mokopuna

We have a lot of grandparents come into our flagship store, website or stockists and buy merino for their (mokopuna) grand kids. It is cool to see. As an American living really far from my family, I don't have the luxury of  having my parents around or close. They would love to spend more time with my kids but I guess that is the life we chose when we came back to New Zealand.

From the USA to Mokopuna

One of the interesting things about being from the USA and living in New Zealand is learning about Maori culture, ways, and language. I had heard the word mokopuna before but it was not until recently that I discovered what it meant. As a maker of merino kids clothing you would think that mokopuna merino would come up, but it never really has.


Mokopuna Merino Baby Grows Up One day your little mokopuna will grow up and carry you

The Best Merino for Your Mokopuna

It has been the obsession of Lucy and I to make the best merino kids and baby clothes. We have spent the greater part of the last decade making cool, chic, and trend setting clothing. Over the past few years we have have sacrificed everything to grow Little Flock of Horrors into a brand that makes premium baby and kids-wear for your little monster.  If this is your first time finding our baby and kids merino, welcome to our brand.

Our kids are growing up so fast. My youngest daughter is almost too old to fit the size we make for our merino clothing brand. It wont be long before we are grand parents dressing our kids babies into new merino baby clothes.

Some of you have been with us for a few seasons. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to share new baby and kids merino with you.