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  1. Top 5 Best Kids Shows on Youtube [UPDATED]

    Top 5 Best Kids Shows on Youtube [UPDATED]
    With the Internet being such a big part of so many household computers, tablets and smartphones we figured we would share a list of the best free online kids shows that have been keeping our little monsters entertained.
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  2. Cyclone Winston Leaves Fiji Broken In Its Wake

    Cyclone Winston Leaves Fiji Broken In Its Wake
    Little Flock of Horrors - merino for little monsters and the relationship with Fiji About a week and a half ago a massive cyclone ripped through Fiji leaving mile after mile of destruction. Some areas were affected worse than others, but it appears that no one really got off damage-free. Although Fiji is still a three-hour flight from us here...
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  3. A Short History of Merino Wool and Where Merino Comes From

    One of our interns recently started digging into the history of merino wool and where it came from originally and where it comes from today.  It is no secret that we are a little bit biased as to who makes the best merino, or rather, what country produces the best merino, but take a quick read through Kurnal's discovery. History...
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  4. Summertime = hot days, drippy icecream and backyard cricket

    New Zealand summers are epic with a capital E. The days are hot, the nights are cool and the monsters are on holiday for 6+ weeks. Things we like about the kiwi summer: 1) Summer at the beach and holiday house (aka bach) We had a mini break with friends here at Whangapoua for a couple of nights and it...
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  5. Not Boring News About Little Flock Kids and Baby Merino

    Some quick updates and housekeeping. Melbourne, Australia As many of you may not know we have signed contracts in hand from our new outstanding showroom partner Hipp Fashion in Melbourne Australia. She has two well-kept comfortable spaces in Melbourne and after having spent some time there I can tell you that her understanding of the market in Victoria and South...
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  6. FW14 lands in Barneys NY

    Our FW14 collection has landed in Barneys NY flagship Madison Ave store as well as online I visited the collection in person and it looks amazing! All Barneys garments come with a bonus pair of 100% merino gloves so get in before they're gone.
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  7. Never a dull moment at Little Flock of Horrors

    Today started out quite normal. I am acting as a solo dad for the week and other than the usual crazy morning routines and motions that I go through with my 4.5 and 3 year old, the day was as usual. The kids woke up one after another, I snuggled them up on the couch so they can shake off...
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  8. Earnshaws October 2013 Features Little Flock "Behind the Seams"

    Little Flock of Horrors is featured on page 70 of Earnshaw's Magazine October 2013 "Behind the Seams".
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  9. Melbourne Australia and LFOH merino

    Last month I was in Melbourne Australia for a business trip and I decided to check out a few stores that where highly recommended by a few friends. Melbourne Australia is a cool city with lots of modern and chic mothers. It has always been our thinking that the days of the traditional mother approach are numbered and visiting Melbourne...
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  10. Press Release - Little Flock Attending ENK Children's Club

    Little Flock of Horrors Specialty Merino Children’s Clothing Designer Attends Prestigious ENK’s Children’s Club in New York City With comfort, design and an eye for detail, the founders of the Little Flock of Horrors children’s line of merino clothing will be sharing their newest developments at the prestigious ENK’s Children’s Club in New York City. Little Flock of Horrors is...
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