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Merino Socks

Merino Socks

Little Flock of Horrors is merino clothing for little monsters


Baby and Kids merino clothes for little monsters

Some brands are the status quo and some brands are meant to break the mold. We strive every day to develop next level kids wear, accessories and merino socks.

merino socks and merino kids crew sweatshirts

Baby merino clothing had been as stale and boring as wool adult wear was. For so many years styles, colors and cuts remained the same. We are trying hard every day to create merino clothing that real modern mothers and fathers want to put on their little monsters.

Little Flock of Horrors does not forget the merino clothing fun part of making clothes. Ever since day one we have made these fun, stylish, morish and simply to-die-for merino kids gloves.


Merino Socks and Clothing - the jist of it

Not all of our pieces are for everyone. The good thing is that each season we go through the laborious process of making staple products that even the staunchest curmudgeon couldn't say no to and then sprinkle in a few grains of next level clothing design. We don't always get it right. There have been entire seasons that were filled with next level garments. On those years, you can imagine how our design department would be elated while our sales department would be about to step off the ledge. Since those days, we do our best to get the balance right and to provide some common core undeniable clothing pieces plus throw in a twist of next-level-shit with each season release. In past seasons, we have used things like licorice colors and trend-forecasting to start our design process. In 2016, Little Flock of Horrors used its home city of Auckland New Zealand mixed with New Zealand's Southern Alps. These two are not exclusive to each other. Checo out what is in the buy merino store to see what we mean.