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Merino Baby Clothing

Merino Kids and Baby Clothing

Using the best fabric in the World is not always as easy as it seems.

Pretty much from the day that you find out you are pregnant you start to think about the stuff you are going to need for baby.  If you are anything like we were then you immediately hit the forums, message boards and websites, combing the internet with Google to try and see what the right thing to do is. If you are lucky you ended up here because you are trying to find out what the absolute best baby clothing is and somewhere you found out that the best possible thing for baby is merino kids and baby clothing of some kind

I am here to both put your mind to rest and to make you a little bit smarter than you were before, at least in relation to merino kids clothing.

Merino Kids and Baby Clothes from Real merino sheep

The Good News About Your Search For Merino Baby Clothes

First off, you did it. Congratulations, you have found the absolute best possible fabric to put up against your baby's skin. Merino baby clothing is the shiz and is second to none.

The Bad News (just a little, then we will return to rainbows and unicorns again I promise)

Second part is slightly more complicated, but not by much. Not all MERINO KIDS CLOTHING or MERINO BABY CLOTHING is created equal. Since it is an expensive fabric, there are many unscrupulous vendors selling merino processed in China that has been 'cut' with other cheaper fabrics. You see this type of thing all of the time, especially with merino socks (this is why we recommend Kid Winter merino socks).

Think about it like this - some merino suppliers will add over 10% of other fabrics to the merino knits in order to make more money. Booo! I know, but this is the reality of the dirty underground of the textile business, they aren't all nice guys and gals. Time to feel good again though!

Merino Kids and baby-clothes

The Good New About Merino Kids Clothes from Little Flock of Horrors

Like I said above, congratulations you have found the absolute best and that is Little Flock of Horrors merino baby clothes and merino kids clothes. I am not even going to talk about our style here, I am simply going to tell you a little more about our amazing merino fabric. We get it from a farm, it is then DNA tested and sent to be spun. Upon return it is DNA tested again to make sure that it has not been tampered with. We know that our merino baby clothes, merino kids clothes, and our friends merino socks are made from pure New Zealand merino wool.

So rest easy, spend a bit more money on real merino. You wont need as many clothes as you think. Don't sweat it, buy some baby merino clothes knowing that they are from the purest sourced New Zealand merino.

Merino Baby Clothes Little Flcok

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Merino Kids and Baby Clothes from Little Flock

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