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Merino For Better Baby Sleep and Comfort

Merino For Better Baby Sleep and Comfort

Having a young baby is one of life’s most memorable experiences. Getting your baby to sleep peacefully is what every parent wants. A well-rested baby makes for a happy healthy baby. Every extra bit of sleep counts. Dressing your baby in merino is the best thing that you can do for better baby sleep. Tired parents will be happier too...

How Merino Helps Your Baby Sleep Better

Merino is super soft to the touch

Merino keeps your baby sleeping longer and more comfortably. Quality merino is between 17 and 20 microns. To put that into context, a human hair is about 50 microns. So even though merino is wool it has no ‘prickle’ or itchy sensation. It is also temperature regulating.

Merino is temperature regulating

Until about 18 months, babies do not do a good job of regulating their own body temperature. They easily get hot (and cry) or get cold (and cry). Merino helps keep them more comfortable by insulating them in a way that reduces drastic temperature changes. It is super porous and controls temperature really well.

Merino Basic Features and Benefits For Better Baby Sleep

Merino fabric can be simply described in 3 words: Comfortable, Durable, and Healthy.

  • Comfort: Merino baby clothing is knitted. It is specifically made of merino yarn that has been knitted to fabric specifications ideal for baby sleepwear. This makes merino fabric light to wear and not heavy. There is no need for it to be super thick.
  • Durability: The yarn specification of Merino makes it durable to wear for a long time. Merino wool fibers have the ability to be bent up to 30,000 times without splitting. This makes merino wool fabric suitable for repeated washing without looking old and shabby. Besides that, it is naturally stretchy which help your baby sleep better by not feeling too restricted.
  • Health: Merino wool attracts less dust particles and lint. This makes it ideal for sensitive babies to wear. Merino fabric will not cause any allergies and there is evidence that it is actually hypoallergenic and a better option for children with eczema and skin disorders.

University Study About How Merino and Better Baby Sleep

Don’t just take our word for it. A study done by the University of Sydney has come upon the result that sleeping in or under merino wool fabric can lead to better baby sleep. Merino clothing and bedding can increase the time of total sleep and improves the efficiency of a baby’s sleeping pattern. This study is related to the characteristics of merino wool’s unique moisture management and temperature regulating properties.

The natural features of merino wool help parents know that they are giving their baby the best possible night’s sleep. If you want better baby sleep then definitely try some of our Little Flock Baby Merino.

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