1. Our Baby and Kids Merino Clothing Business

    Our Baby and Kids Merino Clothing Business
     At Little Flock of Horrors, we make merino for little monsters. We put patterns on it we put really cool details that you won't find from other brands. We started the concept for Little Flock, probably when my son was very young. He began suffering from febrile convictions which is when they can't regulate their own body temperature. So...
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  2. SQUAD Screenprinting Behind The Scenes

    SQUAD Screenprinting Behind The Scenes
    Our SQUAD sweatshirt is a crowd favourite this season.  Made out of a custom knitted heavyweight 100% merino terry loop sweatshirting with thick cuffs and waistband, the handdrawn SQUAD design screenprinted in gold takes this top to next level status.  It's the kind of top you wish was made in your size. I don't think I'll be quitting my day...
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  3. Hello 2018, it's nice to meet you.

    Hello 2018, it's nice to meet you.
    Hello and welcome to 2018. I’m so proud of this collection and can’t wait for you to see it.
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  4. We are family

    We are family
    We’re not a staged, sit together and have a lovely family photo kinda family. We prefer to do it at the end of each seasonal photoshoot,
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  5. How To Wash Merino Wool

    How To Wash Merino Wool
    You have probably heard, been intimidated, and scared off from buying merino because it needs very special care. That does not surprise me one bit.
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  6. Merino For Better Baby Sleep and Comfort

    Merino For Better Baby Sleep and Comfort
    Having a young baby is one of life’s most memorable experiences. Getting your baby to sleep peacefully is what every parent wants.
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  7. Top 5 Best Kids Shows on Youtube [UPDATED]

    Top 5 Best Kids Shows on Youtube [UPDATED]
    With the Internet being such a big part of so many household computers, tablets and smartphones we figured we would share a list of the best free online kids shows that have been keeping our little monsters entertained.
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  8. Summertime = hot days, drippy icecream and backyard cricket

    New Zealand summers are epic with a capital E. The days are hot, the nights are cool and the monsters are on holiday for 6+ weeks. Things we like about the kiwi summer: 1) Summer at the beach and holiday house (aka bach) We had a mini break with friends here at Whangapoua for a couple of nights and it...
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  9. Not Boring News About Little Flock Kids and Baby Merino

    Some quick updates and housekeeping. Melbourne, Australia As many of you may not know we have signed contracts in hand from our new outstanding showroom partner Hipp Fashion in Melbourne Australia. She has two well-kept comfortable spaces in Melbourne and after having spent some time there I can tell you that her understanding of the market in Victoria and South...
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  10. Earnshaws October 2013 Features Little Flock "Behind the Seams"

    Little Flock of Horrors is featured on page 70 of Earnshaw's Magazine October 2013 "Behind the Seams".
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