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What Is Merino Fabric And Benefits Of Merino Wool

People often ask what is merino fabric and what is the benefits of wearing merino wool? Merino fabric is a type of ultra-fine soft wool that is harvested from a Merino sheep. These sheep can be found tucked away in the mountains down on the South Island of New Zealand and this type of wool is called merino fabric nz. They produce an exceptional wool with fibers that are about 1/10th the thickness of human hair yet extremely porous.

Environmental Impact of Merino fabric

Merino Wool is Sustainable merino wool is biodegradableBesides being biodegradable, totally renewable and sustainable, benefits of merino wool that your little monster's body will thank you for over and over. This is the perfect fabric for children.

Benefits of Merino wool

Clean upLfoh merino is easy clean

Whenever we discuss merino wool benefits, in a simple word, Merino fabric allows most spills to be easily cleaned and wiped away. Monster dirt and grime do not easily stick to it and if grime has stuck then just machine wash your LFOH clothing.

Merino Wool Benefits-How Your Body Feel

Merino wool is ideal for all temperatureMerino fabric is a superior insulator and temperature regulator. What that means for you is that your little monster will stay comfortable longer no matter what the weather is like. This means less complaining and general grizzling by your little beast. Why? Well, merino is naturally breathable allowing heat and moisture to flow and with all of its micro-pores your little one's temperature stays the same longer leaving them feeling drier and more comfortable.

UV raysMerino is about SPF 50 UV protection

Merino absorbs UV rays from the sun - you know what that means.

Anti kid smell

Merino Cleaning powerThat smell. That kid smell that starts to set in around age 2. Yeah, that smell doesn't exist with merino. Little Flock garments are naturally odor resistant which means that it doesn't allow kids stink to take hold of your little monster.

What does water have to do with it?

Merino is hydrophylicMaybe the most amazing feature of merino is that it holds water inside of its fiber while repelling water on its outside. This is usually a helpful feature for hikers that sweat and need 'moisture wicking', but we have first hand seen monsters pee through a diaper at night, have the bed around them wet, but are actually dry inside of their merino pj's. For real.Kids sleep better in merino

Cold weather

Ok so maybe this is more amazing. In regards to cold weather, merino actually creates a small amount of heat in cold conditions. There is a natural reaction in merino when it is cold and moisture from your skin or a light shower is introduced to the fiber. The natural chemical reaction actually generates heat.

Warm weather

Merino will keep your monster cooler for longer when it is hot out.


Self-extinguishing fabricFlames don't stand a chance. In fact, many of the garments used by fire-fighters have merino woven into them because it is flame resistant and self extinguishing. Put a flame to it, I dare you. Just don't try it with our merino because you'll be able to hand those down to another young child when you get to the 'giveaway phase' of trying to hand off all of your old baby gear onto another unsuspecting family.

How it feels on your monster's skin

I guess that another important point is that our merino is SUPER SOFT. It doesn't prickle at all and is hypo-allergenic.

small soft merino fabric merino is 1/10 the width of a human hair
merino wool is supersoft Little Flock merino fabric is the softest

What Is Merino?The Royal History of Merino fabric

Once upon a time when the common people were dressing in itchy woolen garments or plain cotton, royal families in Spain had the privilege of using merino wool. Their garments were  luxuriously soft and the little Spanish princes and princesses were oh so comfortable. Back then, anyone who tried to steal merino sheep and export them, would be sentenced to death. One day, the Spanish king felt generous and he started giving away merino sheep to other royal families around the world. The merino population grew to the point where we are today: a royal fabric available to everyone. The rich history shows the uniqueness of the fabric and it is no wonder top designers use merino for their garments.  Now everyone gets to experience what the blue-blooded have known for centuries: merino treats their wearers like royalty.


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